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Our Corner Moulding Profiles

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Profile Name Width Thickness Thumbnail
CH-CRM7D Random Width Random Thickness ch_crm_000_000_7D
CH-CRM9A Random Width Random Thickness ch_crm_000_000_9A
CH-CRM7A 7/16" 7/16" ch_crm_028_028_7A
CH-CRM3D 1/2" 1/2" ch_crm_032_032_3D
CH-CRM4F 1/2" 1/2" ch_crm_032_032_4F
CH-CRM1C 5/8" 5/8" ch_crm_040_040_1C
CH-CRM7C 5/8" 11/16" ch_crm_040_044_7C
CH-CRM4E 11/16" 11/16" ch_crm_044_044_4E
CH-CRM2C 3/4" 3/4" ch_crm_048_048_2C
CH-CRM2E 3/4" 1/2" ch_crm_048_032_2E