Sheet Goods - Hardboard

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Hardboard is similar to particle board and medium-density fiberboard, but is denser and much stronger and harder because it is made out of exploded wood fibers that have been highly compressed. Consequently, the density of hardboard is 31 lbs or more per cubic foot (500 kg/m³) and is usually about 50-65 lbs per cubic foot (800–1040 kg/m³). It differs from particle board in that the bonding of the wood fibers requires no additional materials, although resin is often added. Unlike particle board, it will not split or crack.

We typically offer Hardboard in the following sizes:

Thickness Size Grade / Miscellaneous
1/8 4x8 S1S STD
1/4 4x8 S2S STD
1/4 4x8 S1S STD

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