Sheet Goods - Homasote DesignWall

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DesignWall is an elegant, pre-finished interior paneling, composed of Guilford of Maine FR 701 fabric, which is laminated onto a panel of 1/2" structural HOMASOTE recycled fibreboard. Fabric continues around long edges to the back of the panel. DesignWall is available in four colors: Quartz, Cherry Neutral, Blue Neutral, and Grey Mix. Because these interior panels are both decorative and tackable, DesignWall panels can be used in a number of commercial and residential uses. Whether in a school classroom, children's bedroom, or business office, DesignWall provides a tackable material with an attractive finish.

We typically offer Homasote DesignWall in the following sizes:

Thickness Size Grade / Miscellaneous
15/32 4x8 Burl
15/32 4x8 Burl

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