Sheet Goods - Melamine

Central Hardwoods carries a wide variety of sheet goods, MDF and other coated products.


We inventory roll laminated melamine panels. They are available in solid colors and utilizes European foils. Like other melamine products, the paper is soaked with a thermosetting resin. However, the application of the paper to the substrate is done with the use of intense heat and pressure, forming a durable bond. This product is available on particleboard or MDF substrates, with the exception of 1/4" panels, which are only available on MDF. For special orders, other substrates such as hardboard of plywood are also an option. The products are all 1" oversized panels, and are available in 4 to 5 foot widths, and 6 to 12 foot lengths.

We typically offer Melamine in the following sizes:

Thickness Size Grade / Miscellaneous Core
1/4 4x8 Black 2S MDF
1/2 4x8 Almond 2S PBC
1/2 4x8 Black 2S PBC
1/2 4x8 Folkstone 2S
1/2 4x8 White 2S PBC
1/2 4x8 White 2S MDF
5/8 4x8 White 1S PBC
5/8 4x8 White 2S PBC
5/8 4x8 White 2S MDF
3/4 4x8 Almond 1S PBC
3/4 4x8 Almond 2S PBC
3/4 4x8 Black 1S PBC
3/4 4x8 Black 2S PBC
3/4 4x8 Black 2S MDF
3/4 4x8 Dixie Mahogany 2S
3/4 4x8 Folkstone 2S
3/4 4x8 Fog Gray 2S PBC
3/4 4x8 Gray 2S MDF
3/4 4x8 HR Maple 2S PBC
3/4 4x8 Natural Oak 2S
3/4 4x8 White 1S PBC
3/4 4x8 White 2S MDF
3/4 4x8 White 2S MDF
1 4x8 White 2S PBC
1 1/8 5x8 White 2S

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