Wood Abrasives

Work smarter and not harder with abrasives from Central Hardwoods. We carefully select our inventory to ensure offers high quality dust-free products that last a long time and are made for a wide variety of tasks.

Below you'll find some of our most popular abrasives typically in stock. To learn more about these and more, please Contact Us

Product Image Product Name Brand Size Details Description
Sanding Block Kit Sanding Block Kit Sand Devil 3" x 21" Use on flat, curved and hard to reach surfaces. Ideal for large sanding projects and difficult detail work. Uses standard 3" x 21" sanding belts. Includes 80 grit cloth-backed sanding belt: up to 5 times the life of a regular sandpaper.
Portable Abrasive Belt Portable Abrasive Belt Mirka 3" x 21", 3"x24", 4"x24" Offers fast cut and long life in general grinding and light contour sanding applications. Hiolit X: Designed for aggressive cutting and heavy duty stock removal. Aluminum Oxide Grain. Resin over Resin Bonding. X-Weight Cloth Backing. Available in 80, 100, and 120 Grit
Abrasive Discs Abrasive Discs Mirka 5", 6" Mirka Gold is a durable product very well suited for sanding at high speeds. Gold is an all-round sanding material that can be used for many purposes. In order to achieve an optimal sanding result, the semi-open grit binding and special stearate coating a
Abrasive Sheet Abrasive Sheet Mirka 9"x11" Mirka Goldflex is suitable for sanding profiled surfaces. Mirka Goldflex is a light, flexible latex paper suited for both dry and wet sanding. The special stearate coating prevents clogging and pill forming.

We proudly offer abrasives from the following manufacturers.

Sand Devil

SandDevil USA manufactures and distributes the expanding SandDevil family of products throughout the USA and Mexico.


Mirka specializes in coated, non-woven and dust-free sanding products for surface finishing. Mirka's extensive product range caters for both individual operations and complete sanding systems. The unique Mirka concept of dust-free sanding, combined with their effective surface finishing solutions has replaced traditional sanding methods in many industries.