Deerwood Fasteners

Deerwood Fasteners International is the leading supplier of High Quality Fasteners manufacutered exclusively for woodworking applications.

We offer an assortment of woodworking fastners and accessories from Deerwood Fasteners.

Flat Head Phillips Screws

Deerwood Flat Head Phillips Screws

The professional woodworker's choice — our Lo-Root deep thread designs provides maximum holding power in a variety of different woods and man-made materials. Excellent holding power in particleboard, MDF, and even plastic composites. We have added an extra-deep phillips recess to help minimize bit slippage; making this one of our most popular fasteners for the furniture and cabinet industry.

Size Finish Unit
6 X 1/2 Nickle Carton & Box
6 X 3/4 Nickle Carton
8 X 1 1/4 Black Carton & Box

Zip Drivers

Deerwood Zip Drivers Screws

Our Square Drive Zip Drivers combines the Type-17 self-drilling point that pre-drills itself with the original Robertson® Square Drive Reces for optimum performance. Deerwood then added the nibs under the head to help make this a true "One-step" fastener.

Simply put one of the driver bit and watch it pre-drill and self-countersink itself in most all types of wood. Deerwood has combined all of their most recent popular features into one product and it is quickly becomming the fastener of choice.

Size Finish Unit
8 X 1/4 Black Box
8 x 1 5/8 Black Box
8 x 2 Black Carton & Box
8 x 3 Black Carton & Box

Round Washer Screws

Deerwood Round Washer Screws

The Round Washer Head design could possibly be the most versatile head design available. It combines the advantages of the Pan Head design but has a washer built onto the head to increase head diameter and prevent overdriving in softwoods.

Size Finish Unit
8 X 1/4 Black Carton & Box

Truss Head for Cabinet Installation

Deerwood Truss Head Screws

Deerwood's Truss Head Screws are the fastners of choice for the professional cabinet installer. The large bearing surface of the head helps eliminate pull-through and allows the screw to be torqued to its maximum to ensure a proper fit against the wall.

Size Finish Unit
10 x 2 1/2 Black & Zinc Carton
10 x 3 Zinc Carton

Drawer Front Adjusting Screws

Deerwood Drawer Front Adjusting Screws

Our Drawer Front Adjusting Screws have an extra large washer built into the head for increased bearing surface and maximum hole coverage. The unique head design has been a timesaver for the professional cabinet market for over eight years.

Size Finish Unit
8 x 1, 1/2 Thread Zinc Carton

Pan Head Screws

Deerwood Pan HeadScrews

A wide variety of Pan Head Wood & Tapping Screws are available. The Pan Head design offers a right angle under teh head to allow flat surface hardware and brackets to be attached firmly and securely. The Pan Head also allows for adjustment when positioning hardware. Some of our Pan Head Screws come with a Type-17 Point to eliminate splitting & the need for pre-drilling.

Size Finish Unit
6 x 1/2 Zinc Carton
6 x 5/8 Zinc Box
6 x 1 1/4 Black Carton & Box
6 x 1 1/2 Black Carton & Box
7 x 1 1/4 Black Carton & Box
10 x 5/8 Black Carton