Plywoods - Fir

We place a special emphasis on specialty veneers and distinct panelling products


Works well with hand and machine tools, but can dull cutting edges. Can be brought to a smooth finish, but the harder latewood grain can be left proud of the surface after sanding.


A straight-grained reddish-brown timber, with distinctive earlywood and katewood grain. Obtainable in large knot-free sizes.


Joinery, plywood. Widely used for building construction.

We typically offer Fir in the following sizes:

Thickness Size Grade Core Veneer Cut Miscellaneous
1/4" 4x8 A CX
1/2" 4x8 A CX
3/4" 4x8 A/B Douglas
3/4" 4x10 A/B Douglas
3/4" 4x8 A VC CX

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