Plywoods - White Oak

We place a special emphasis on specialty veneers and distinct panelling products


A premier hardwood, both in the U.S. and abroad. Widely used in architectural woodworking and furniture manufacture. Highly figured, even more textured than Red Oak and somewhat easier to work. Often, rift-sawn for a straight or "comb" grain effect, or quarter-sawn for a straight grain with highly prominent "flake.".


Heartwood varies from a light tan to a darker, yellowish-brown while the less prevalent sapwood is much lighter.


We typically offer White Oak in the following sizes:

Thickness Size Grade Core Veneer Cut Miscellaneous
1/4" 4x8 A4 VC Rift
1/4" 4x8 A2 MDF PS
1/4" 4x8 A3 MDF Quarter
1/4" 4x8 A4 MDF Rift
1/4" 4x8 A3 PS IMP
3/4" 4x8 A1 VC PS
3/4" 4x8 A1 VC Quarter
3/4" 4x8 A1 VC Rift
3/4" 4x8 BB VC Rift
3/4" 4x8 A1 MDF Quarter
3/4" 4x8 A2 MDF Rift
3/4" 4x8 B2 MDF PS
3/4" 4x8 B2 MDF PS
3/4" 4x8 B2 MDF Rift WPF
19MM 4x8 A2 CFC PS
19MM 4x8 A2 CFC Rift

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