Plywoods - Yellow Pine

We place a special emphasis on specialty veneers and distinct panelling products


A soft and weak pine, fine even texture and inconspicuous annual growth rings.


It is pale yellow to pale brown with fine resin-duct marks. It is noted for its low shrinkage and stability, but it is not durable.


Engineering pattern making, drawing boards, high-class joinery, furniture, light building construction, carving.

We typically offer Yellow Pine in the following sizes:

Thickness Size Grade Core Veneer Cut Miscellaneous
1/4" 4x8 B VC CX
3/8" 4x8 C VC DX
1/2" 4x8 C VC DX
1/2" 4x8 C VC DX
5/8" 4x8 AC
5/8" 4x8 C VC DX
5/8" 4x8 C VC DX
5/8" 4x8 A VC CX

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