Premium Fasteners by Grabber

Choosing the correct fastener for the job saves both time and potential headaches.

We proudly offer fasteners from Grabber. The professional’s first choice for over 40 years, Grabber premium quality screws are built for performance.

Drywall to Wood & Wood to Wood

Grabber Drywall to Wood & Wood to Wood Screws

Sizes typically available

6X (1 1/8", 1 1/4") | 7X (2") | 8X (2 1/2", 3")


Our Grabber screws feature a coarse thread and bugle head screws for general purpose interior wood applications. Also available in yellow or clear zinc.

Grabber Premium Fasteners

What sets Grabber Screws Apart?

  1. Recesses are more precisely formed — Bits stay engaged and are less likely to spin-out
  2. Fastener heads are more consistently formed — Grabber screws will seat better into the material they are fastening
  3. The highest quality wire available is used — Grabber screws achieve more consistent performance
  4. Threads are sharper and better formed — Grabber screws start faster and drive better
  5. Consistent heat treatment — Grabber screws go through an extensive heat treatment process ensuring consistent performance and fewer head-pops
  6. Quality Checked — Grabber screws are checked for quality throughout the manufacturing process
  7. Grabber fasteners meet or exceed the highest industry standards for quality and performance — So you can have confidence in Grabber fastener quality