Hardwood Lumber - Anigre

Central Hardwoods maintains one of the largrest and most diverse hardwood inventories in the south west. We maintain stock of upper-grade hardwoods, selected according to their grain and color characteristics.


Anigre is usually considered easy to work with hand and power tools, although depending on the origin of the wood it can have a high silica content which can dull wood working tools quickly.


The sapwood and the heartwood are not usually distinguishable. The heartwood is a light yellowish-brown, sometimes with a pinkish hue. Color tends to darken with age.


Anigre is an African Hardwood commonly used for plywood, interior furniture, cabinetry, and high-end millwork applications.

We typically offer Anigre in the following sizes:

Grade 4/4 5/4 6/4 8/4 10/4 12/4 16/4
Selects or Better

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