Hardwood Lumber

Central Hardwoods maintains one of the largrest and most diverse hardwood inventories in the south west. We maintain stock of upper-grade hardwoods, selected according to their grain and color characteristics.

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All of our Hardwoods are eligible for the following services.

S2S / S4S Glue Up for Tables/Blocks
Straight Line / Gang Ripped Sand / Surfacing
Custom Moulding / Trim Radius Moulding
Flooring Stair Treads

Lumber Grades


FAS, or "First and Seconds", graded lumber provides long, clear cuttings. This grade is best used in high-quality furniture, interior joinery, and solid wood mouldings.

  • Minimum Board Size: 6" x 8'
  • Minimum Cutting Size: 4" x 5", 3" x 5"
  • Minimum Yield: Surface x 10 (83%)

FAS 1 Face

FAS 1 Face grade lumber is almost always coupled with FAS because it requires one face to meet all FAS requirements. The other faces must meet or exceed #1 Common grade requirements.

  • Minimum Board Size: Same as FAS
  • Minimum Cutting Size: Must meet FAS Grade
  • Minimum Yield: Must meet #1 Common Grade


Selects has many of the same requirements F1F has outside minimum board size required. This grade is available in boards 4" and wider that are also 6' and longer in length.

  • Minimum Board Size: 4" x 6'
  • Minimum Cutting Size: Must meet FAS Grade
  • Minimum Yield: Must meet #1 Common Grade

#1 Common

#1 Common is also known as "Cabinet Grade" and is popular for its adaptability in standard size kitchen cabinet doors

  • Minimum Board Size: 3" x 4'
  • Minimum Cutting Size: 4" x 2', 3" x 3'
  • Minimum Yield: Surface x 8 (66 ⅔%)

Lumber Cuts

Depending on species, you'll find your preferred lumber products in one of the following cuts.

Plain Sawn

Plain Sawn Cut Lumber

Plain Sawn Lumber, also known as "flat sawn", is the most common and least expensive method to cut lumber. This method allows for wider and easier to mill pieces with minimal waste.

Plain Sawn cutting also produces the popular 'cathedral' grain patterns.

Quarter Sawn

Plain Sawn Cut Lumber

Quarter Sawn lumber is produced with a log is quartered then plain sliced. This method increases the stablity and moisture resistance over Plain Sawn at a slight cost increase due to additional waste.

Quarter Sawn lumber is also known for producing a beautiful 'fleck' pattern in species like White Oak and Red Oak.

Rift Sawn

Plain Sawn Cut Lumber

Rift Sawn lumber produces the most dimensionally stable boards of the three cuts.

Rift Sawn shows vertical grains on all sides by being cut on an ideal 45° to the growth rings. The cost is elevated due an increase of labor and waste produced.