Hardwood Lumber - Makore

Central Hardwoods maintains one of the largrest and most diverse hardwood inventories in the south west. We maintain stock of upper-grade hardwoods, selected according to their grain and color characteristics.


This African hardwood from the Congo Basin has been marketed as "African Cherry." The wood resembles close-grained Mahogany and is usually straight grained. When cut or sliced on the quarter, it provides an unusual mottled or chequered, "watered silk" appearance.


The heartwood is pale blood red to reddish-brown, with the sapwood slightly lighter in color


Furniture, Cabinetry, Flooring, Musical Instruments, Boatbuilding, Turning

We typically offer Makore in the following sizes:

Grade 4/4 5/4 6/4 8/4 10/4 12/4 16/4
Selects or Better

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