Hardwood Lumber - Hickory

Central Hardwoods maintains one of the largrest and most diverse hardwood inventories in the south west. We maintain stock of upper-grade hardwoods, selected according to their grain and color characteristics.


A very dense wood, known for its high toughness. Hickory also has high bending strength, great stiffness, and exceptional resistance to shock. Usually straight-grained, Hickory is often used for handles in striking tools such as hammers and axes.


Heartwood tends to be light to medium brown, with a reddish hue; sapwood is a paler yellowish brown.


Flooring, Tool Handles, Ladder Rungs

We typically offer Hickory in the following sizes:

Grade 4/4 5/4 6/4 8/4 10/4 12/4 16/4
FAS and Better

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