Softwood Lumber

Central maintains a representative inventory of high quality softwoods for functional and decorative uses. Cabinet and fixture manufacturers, sash and door houses, picture frame and novelty item industries all find that our fine West Coast lumber products meet their requirements for availability and flexibility.

Available Species

A wide assortment of widths and thicknesses is stocked and ready for immediate delivery. These softwoods, available in-the-rough or milled to customer specifications, are specified by architects and contractors for extensive use in restaurants, shopping malls, retail stores, and churches.

All of our Softwoods are eligible for the following services.

S2S / S4S Glue Up for Tables/Blocks
Straight Line / Gang Ripped Sand / Surfacing
Custom Moulding / Trim Radius Moulding
Flooring Stair Treads

Lumber Grades

C Select

C Select graded lumber indicates that it is mostly clear of defects and is ideal for interior trim and cabinetry.

D Select

D Select graded lumber is considered to have more defects than C Select.

#1 Common

#1 Common will have a knotty appearance. The knots will be tight and not prone to falling out.

#2 Common

#2 Common has tight knots that are larger in size than #1 Common's. This grade of lumber is often used for paneling, shelving, and is very good for general woodworking.

Lumber Cuts

Depending on species, you'll find your preferred lumber products will be available in one of the following cuts.

Plain Sawn

Plain Sawn Cut Lumber

Plain Sawn Lumber, also known as "flat sawn", is the most common and least expensive method to cut lumber. This method allows for wider and easier to mill pieces with minimal waste.

Plain Sawn cutting also produces the popular 'cathedral' grain patterns.

Quarter Sawn

Plain Sawn Cut Lumber

Quarter Sawn Lumber is produced with a log is quartered then plain sliced. This method increases the stablity and moisture resistance over Plain Sawn at a slight cost increase due to additional waste.

Quarter Sawn lumber is also known for producing a beautiful 'fleck' pattern in species like White Oak and Red Oak.

Rift Sawn

Plain Sawn Cut Lumber

Rift Sawn Lumber produces the most dimensionally stable boards of the three cuts.

Rift Sawn shows vertical grains on all sides by being cut on an ideal 45° to the growth rings. The cost is elevated due an increase of labor and waste produced.